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  The Arts



The school choir is led by primary school coordinator Sandra Blemings and is made up of parents, staff and pupils. The choir is active in the Christmas Concert and in musical events throughout the year.

FLE teacher Sylvie Léger and her pupils collaborated with Hachette publishers and TV5 Monde to produce 16 videos to accompany a new French as a foreign language course, "Adomania".

Every winter Clermont-Ferrand becomes the center of the world for all lovers and creators of short films. In 2016, senior students created their own short film for the festival.

Students are given the opportunity to work as part of a team to use creative and desktop publishing skills to put together the annual EBI Yearbook. This publication, under the direction of Valérie Paniagua, provides a wonderful souvenir of friends and school activities.

The school carnival announces the beginning of spring. The children - and some teachers - dress up in their favourite costumes and enjoy an afternoon of music, dancing and, of course, the traditional crêpes.

During the summer term, primary school children prepare a performance for the school fête. This annual fun day brings the school year to a close, when the pupils and teachers expend their final ounces of energy as they produce a show worthy of Broadway!square

The Arts

Secondary-school students write and perform the not-to-be-missed annual variety show under the direction of teacher, Gerry Moran. This takes place in December after several weeks of hard work by students and teachers alike. As well as being able to showcase acting, musical and dancing skills, students also help with writing, choreography, directing and sound engineering.

Variety Show 2012



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