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The secondary school student group elects a President, Vice-President and Social Officer each year. These
students are there, not just to lead, but to reflect the other students’ interests.

Each class will also elect a representative, who is then expected to be an active member of the Student Council.
The Council discusses students’ ideas, plans social events, initiates projects and prepares the General Assembly held once a month.

Secondary School students have the opportunity to participate in community activities. In 2015 and 2016 secondary students worked under the direction of French teacher Valérie Paniagua to prepare and animate activities and workshops for local hospitalised children. In addition, they performed a concert for the residents of retirement home, "Les Petites Soeurs des Pauvres".

Since 2013 secondary school students have raised money for the local food bank which tackles the hunger and poverty that exists on our doorstep.

EBI students had the opportunity to "run for Nepal", an event organised by sports instructors at Massillon school. Collectively, students ran 1300 kilometres and raised €5300 for this worthy cause.

The COP21 world conference on climate change in Paris in 2015 was the impetus for Mr. Kevin Clarke to organise a day long seminar for senior students on how to lessen our individual "carbon footprint" by considering what is really necessary in our day to day activities.

Primary school students are often involved in projects where they reflect on being part of a community. In 2016 excited students and their parents participated in "The Big Quiz", battling their way through intense rounds in order to raise money for a local school for hearing-impaired children. Over recent years they have raised money for the local Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, a reforestation project in Guatemala and "World Bicycle Relief".

Every June students, teachers, parents and friends of the school come together for the graduation ceremony. This is an event to say goodbye to graduating students and departing families, reflect on the school year and celebrate success in different areas.

2016 graduates Nusra and Mikael listened to inspiring advice from guest speakers, educator Jocelyn Thomas and International Career Manager for Groupe Michelin's Industrial Relations, Mr. Geoff O'coin.

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Secondary school students carry out several projects with the primary school students as part of their community work.

In 2016 Grade 10 students worked alongside Grade 5 students on a project explaining the plight of the forgotten slaves of Tromelin Island.



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