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  Code of Conduct

First and foremost,the "règlement intérieur"of Massillon applies to all students. At the beginning of each school year this will be read and discussed with each class. The school's code of conduct is derived from two basic ideals, which all members of the school endeavour to follow:

- Be Respectful towards yourself, other people and property.

- Be Safety Conscious


  1. Alcohol, tobacco (including electronic cigarettes) and other drugs are NOT allowed. Do NOT come to school intoxicated.

  2. Dangerous objects or weapons are NOT allowed.

  3. You are expected to come to school dressed appropriately; no cleavage, midriff or upper thigh on display; the wearing of hats inside the section is prohibited. Students who do not respect this rule will be sent home to change into appropriate attire.

  4. The Carnet de Liaison must be carried in your school bag at all times.

  5. Articles of great value should NOT be brought to school.

  6. The use of mobile phones is NOT allowed, except for urgent messages with teacher’s permission.

  7. MP3 players (including head phones) are NOT allowed inside the section.

  8. Overt amorous affections are prohibited.

  9. Physical, verbal, emotional or psychological abuse against anyone will NOT be tolerated.

  10. During school hours 8am to 5pm, a respectful, calm, atmosphere must be maintained in the school building.

A polite “Good morning” or “Bonjour” is expected on the daily meeting with a member of staff.

Carnet de Liaison

The Carnet de Liaison is the most important link between the school and the family. Therefore it is imperative that parents consult all information and sign all notes.

Presence and Punctuality

Morning session: 7.55 - 11.55 / Afternoon session: 13.05 – 17.00.

Between 12-12:50, students are not allowed in the section, the door will be locked.

Lessons start on time. At 7.55 the first bell signals that classes will begin in 5 minutes, but you are expected in class before the second bell at 8.00. When the bell rings, students go to their teaching room and wait in an orderly manner, outside the room, for the teacher to arrive.

You must stay on the school premises during the school day. If you have no scheduled class between 11.00-11.55, 13.05-14.00 or 16.05-17.00, you may leave the premises if you havewritten parental consent in your Carnet de Liaison or, exceptionally, with an authorisation slip duly signed.

The period between classes is NOT break time. Students must go to class immediately and not leave the room if they have their next lesson there.

Arrive in class with material prepared.

The school must be notified well in advance of any anticipated absences.

The school must be notified immediately after an absence by completing the absence slip in the Carnet de Liaison. Any unjustified absence will be sanctioned.

If students are late, a slip will be completed in the Carnet de Liaison by the teacher concerned, requiring a counter signature by the parent(s) within 24 hours.

Three late slips will result in a sanction note in the Carnet de Liaison.

Three sanction notes concerning any behavioural issues will result in a detention.


Be orderly and respectful.

You are expected to be prepared at the start of class.

You must not enter classrooms unless a teacher is present or permission has been given.

Drinks, eating sweets and chewing gum are not allowed in the classrooms (except water).

Chairs should be used correctly - not balanced on two legs.

Sitting on window-ledges and leaning out of or dropping objects out of windows is forbidden.

Toilet necessities should be done at break times - only very exceptionally during class time.

Please follow rules designated by individual teachers in classrooms.

On leaving the classroom, desks should be cleared and chairs put back.

Stairs and Corridors

- Students entering or leaving the section must use only the library staircase - not the emergency exit.

- Running along corridors and loitering are not allowed.

- If, for any reason, the main door is locked, exit by the push door near F32.


- The lobby may be used before 8.00 and from 12.50 to 13.05 but must not be used when classes are in progress.

- During break time, all students below 9th Grade must go outside to the courtyard for the entirety of break.

- Books and belongings must be put only in lockers, not left around.

- Coats should be hung up on the coat rack. Furniture must be used and not abused.

- Any spillage or any litter must be cleared up by the person concerned.

- Any major incident must be reported immediately.

- Please put bags in the bag box or your locker, not on the floor or the stairs as it is dangerous.

- Do NOT touch the clock.

- No food or drink to be left in the lockers overnight.


The library is closed daily from 8-8.55, 12:00-13:05 and 16.05-17.00. You must go to the Vie Scolaire.

The library is for studying, and a quiet, studious atmosphere must prevail.

Senior students may use the library without supervision when authorized by a teacher.

All other students may use the library in assigned study times; otherwise they are to go to the Vie Scolaire.
If it is not used sensibly, students will be asked to leave by a teacher.

No electronics (no music, no games....)

No food or drink.

Computer Room

The computer room is open without the direct supervision of a teacher, but you are asked to respect the following:

  • Computers and printers are to be used only for school work with teacher’s permission.
  • Changes to computers’ parameters are FORBIDDEN.
  • Keep noise to a minimum.

Any infringements of these procedures will be severely dealt with.

For a pleasant and studious atmosphere in the school, please read and obey these rules.

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