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The Ecole Bilingue Internationale places a strong emphasis on the ideals of international      understanding and responsible citizenship and finds that the debating forum is a useful way of encouraging these qualities.

We welcome the participation of students from other schools to the debates as this further enhances their multi-cultural nature.

Secondary school students learn debating skills and regularly participate in debating forums. Our debates are animated by a group of students left free to express themselves and discover the strengths and weaknesses of their own and other people’s points of view in the debating situation.

Debates teach students tolerance and respect for the opinions of others. Secondary aims of the debates are the fostering of self-confidence, the development of public speaking skills and having some fun in the school environment.

Recent debates include:

- Religion has made the world a better place.
- Should slavery be declared a crime against humanity.
- Stereotypes - behind the image.

A grade 12 student explains why he enjoys participating in school debates...


On the floor of the Salle de Fete, the debate titled ‘Are celebrities and sports stars paid over-inflated wages?' became quite heated.  There was much switching of teams as student’s ideas and opinions were turned on their heads by the opposition.  Our guest speaker, Mr Neil Mcllory, manager of ASM Rugby, gave us a small insight into the world of professional rugby.  This, in turn, sparked fresh arguments and order was only just maintained, not necessarily by the moderator, but by the quick wittedness of those speaking.  Ideas and arguments were clearly laid out and in the end it seemed that the victors were those who disagreed with the proposal - in other words celebrities and sports stars are not paid too much! (and yes I was on that side).  Battle was done and the visitors rose to join their defeated enemy in tidying away the chairs.  This was a fantastic debate that saw some newcomers speak and younger students voice their opinions for the first time.

Jack Mahoney
High School Student



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