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Download the Parents' Welcome Booklet

The parent organization of EBI and Massillon is APEL,
ssociation des Parents d'élèves de l'Enseignement Libre .  APEL is the national parent organization in French private schools. It works in collaboration with the administration and the educational team, and in agreement with the educational project of the school,

The mission of APEL Massillon is to:

- Welcome and encourage all families of Massillon to participate in the life of the school by taking part and contributing in organized meetings and activities. 

- Inform parents, students and school staff of APEL activities/ actions by producing an electronic newsletter. 

- Support financially and logistically classroom projects, the Conseil de Vie Lycéenne (CVL), and the Pastoral projects.

The APEL is available every Thursday morning from 8-9 am at the main entrance of the school to answer your questions.

Annual dues to APEL are 25 euros per family.

- A portion of the dues remains in Massillon (events sponsoring / financing), while the rest of the dues is given to the national organization of the APEL.

- A copy of the magazine "Famille et Education" is distributed by post monthly by the national APEL.

- Payment of dues, however, is not mandatory in order to participate in APEL activities or to be included in the school directory issued by APEL.

THE APEL MASSILLON works in different commissions and organizes activities and events as part of a continuous effort to reunite parents of the Primary school, Secondary school and Ecole Bilingue International (EBI).

For more information,

The APEL Massillon honours and promotes its international nature by:

- Welcoming the international families to Ecole Massillon and EBI

- Integrating and facilitating cultural awareness of the families represented at Massillon.

- Supporting international families throughout the school year

- Encouraging the interaction of international families into the larger Massillon community.

Contacts include French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Japanese, Portugese, Thai and Polish speakers.

For more information on this commission, email:

The APEL Massillon is not...

- involved in solving individual problems between a teacher and a pupil

- involved in educational methods

- involved in subjects such as helping teachers and parents share common views on education

- directly involved in the hygiene school policy, school organization, school meetings, lunchtime supervision but can report any issues related to these matters to the administration.

You can download a special Welcome Booklet compiled by parents of the International community for new parents. It is packed full of useful information.



Coming up 2017/18:

bullet  Fri 1 Sep 2 to 5 p.m.
Welcome New Families

bullet  Mon 11 Sep 5 to 6 p.m.
Parent Information Meeting Secondary

bullet  Fri 29 Sep
Autumn Buffet

bullet  October
Second-hand clothes sale

bullet  30-31 November 1 December
Christmas Wreath workshop and sale

bullet  Thur 30 November
Parent - Teacher Meeting Secondary

bullet  Tues 19 December
Primary Christmas Concert

bullet  Thur 21 December
Christmas Market

bullet  March
Second-hand clothes sale

bullet  Thur 8 March
Crêpe Making for Primary Carnival

bullet  Thur 5 April
Parent - Teacher Meeting Secondary

bullet  Saturday June 30
Kermesse (Primary School Fun Day)

Bake Sale


  Ecole Bilingue Internationale 
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