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The School organises a variety of trips and activities each year for the Secondary School students in the Anglophone Section and other International School students in Massillon.

A highlight is the biennial London theatre trip, where students spend a week taking in different theatre experiences in one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Days are filled with sights as diverse as Oxford’s centuries old colleges, The Natural History Museum, The National Gallery, The British Museum and a traditional drama workshop at the Globe Theatre of Shakespeare fame.

Harvard Model Congress Europe, which takes place annually in a major European city, is a simulation of the US Government and of the international organisations in which it participates (G8, WHO etc). Several hundred students from all over the world take on the identity of real Members of the G8, the House of Representatives, the Supreme Court, etc... They are informed months in advance about their respective roles, so they can research and prepare for the Congress.
This project, currently coordinated by Mrs. Esposito, has enriched school life for several years, challenging students and bringing the international community together for fund-raising activities, receptions and Award Ceremonies.

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A student recounts the Harvard Model Congress trip: Madrid 2013

Every year students of geography participate in study field trips . Projects have included:

- Studying erosion and its consequences at the Puy-de-Dôme.
- Evaluating the need for a tourist train on the Puy-de-Dôme.
- Surveying Vulcania and Puy-de-Dôme visitors.
- Measuring air quality in two city locations.
- Studying the Saussade stream in Blanzat.



quote left1464m up is a long way up.  It felt a long way up when EBI students took the trip to the Puy de Dome in September for cross-curricular work. It was a rather chilly morning and we had arrived at the car park at the base at around 9 o’clock.  Here, Mrs Allen, our Geography teacher, made sure we conducted a car park survey and then we hopped on the train up the slope.  The train was slow and allowed you to see all the views on display as you travelled up one of the Auvergne’s real marvels.  Atop this ancient volcano the air is thin and cool, but I found it rather refreshing.  The sun shone down on us as we sat for lunch after observing the weather station at the very summit and we paid homage to the Roman God Mercury whose temple lies in ruins at the pinnacle of the Dome.

A couple of hours on top of the world were all we were granted.  As we descended the sleeping giant I could see all of Clermont lying before us, like a map with green, beautiful hills caressing its borders.  It was definitely an experience to remember and I look forward to returning soon.  I would recommend this virtual Olympus to anyone; it is a wonder.quote right

Jack Mahoney
High School student.

Puy de Dôme


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