Variety Show December 1st & 2nd 2018 !

Saturday December 1st at 6.00 pm

Sunday December 2nd at 5.00 pm




Vente des tickets dans le bureau de Mme Jourdet

Simply the Best!

This year's Variety Show #15 was one of the best, easily making it into the top three shows with the fabled Harry Plotter & the Elf Rebellion of 2006 and Colours of 2013. About 30 students were involved (Massillon OIB and non-OIB and of course EBI), a bunch of parents led by Mrs Garrett and two'outsiders: Sean Moran and Bernard Pilven who played Irish music with Juliette Bublot (otherwise known as #5). While it might not have made it to No. 1 in terms of drama, it was easily the most fun, the happiest and the best for teamwork. Special thanks to Alexandra Gorgeon-Merino, who directed, Elise Baturone (choreographer), the whole 10th Grade for being the 'dynamo' of the Show (Piper, Jada, Mahendra, Nicholas, Maxence); a special mention to our two little 'comediennes' from 5eme OIB - Hannah Tenugi-Cohen and Leonie Dumortrier. The charity funds go to Resto du Coeur and Petites Soeurs des Pauvres.
Gerry Moran

A big thank you to our students for being part of this show (we hope we didn't forget anybody) :

  • 6th grade :

Héloïse Lemaire, Zélie de Montalembert

  • 7th grade :

Léonie Dumortier, Madison Mauck, Charlene Osorio Lagarde, Laura Ponce, Madison Prior, Hannah Tenugi-Cohen

  • 9th grade :

Florence Brooks Velasquez, Esther Le Guenhennec, Elora Lucquet, McKinley Mauck, Samantha Ponce, Diti Sharma

    • 10th grade :

    Maxence Billon, Jada Brooks, Nicholas Ehret, Victoria Forsythe, Piper Garret, Alexandra Gorgeon, Mahendra Tummalapalli

    • 11th grade :

    Charlotte Andrieux, Elise Baturone, Capucine de Beaumont, Clémence Deloye, Victoria Negreiro Cota, Victoria Ung, Garance Verdier

    • 12th grade :

    Kidakan Bourdier