EBI English classes in the Massillon pre-school

"Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn."

"Our focus is to provide a stimulating early learning experience which promotes each child’s social, physical and cognitive development.

Our caring and professional teaching staff introduce the children to the joys of education and prepare them for Grande Section (Kindergarten).

They learn the limits of behaviour regarding safety and the respect of their peers, to be tolerant, creative and independent. Their nursery school experience will help your children build feelings of self-confidence to become bright, happy children on the first steps of being life-long learners." 

Brigitte LAURENT, EBI pre-school and primary coordinator. 


Lori MacKenzie

Teacher in K4/K5, Advanced 4 and Grade 5

“Moyenne Section”:

English speaking or bilingual students in the K4 native language class have one hour of English per week.


English speaking or bilingual students in the K5 native language class have 5 hours of English per week.