School Calendar

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Offical dates can be found the French Gouvernment website:


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There are different times of entry on the first day of school depending on the class your child is in.

In Petite Section, the first day back to school will be spread over two days to facilitate the arrival and

integration of the children and their families.

In France, school holidays are determined by zones.
In Clermont-Ferrand, we belong to Zone A.

There are 5 holiday periods throughout the year:

  • Autumn break (2 weeks)
  • Christmas holidays (2 weeks)
  • Winter holidays (2 weeks)
  • Spring break (2 weeks)
  • Summer holidays

Official vacation dates are available on the French Gouvernment website :

Calendrier des Vacances (FR)

AGENDA FROM november TO JUNE 2021

School and Public Holidays

1st World War Armistice : November 11th

May Bank holiday : May 1st

Armistice 1945 : May 8th


School events :

Kermesse (Fun Day) : June