Non French Speaking students in Primary

FLE Classes (Français Langue Étrangère)*

FLE means French as a foreign language

Each pupil is integrated into a French class corresponding to his/her age. In addition, pupils are integrated into the class of FLE if they are complete beginners in French.

The FLE class deals only with the oralisation of the French language. Pupils are integrated into the class of FLESCO when they are able to write what they can say.

In this class, the structure of the language will be introduced: grammar, conjugation and spelling.

Throughout the school year, pupils are introduced to French cultural events and traditions (Galette des rois, Chandeleur, Mardi Gras, Christmas traditions) or French customs (French breakfast for example).

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Madame Laurent is a very energetic and engaging FLE teacher (French as a foreign language). Nevertheless, her primary school students have recently been staring out of the window during her classes. The reason for this is a delightful red squirrel who likes to sit on her balcony and eat the hazelnuts found in the vicinity. The squirrel has become something of a class mascot and the opportunity to learn some new French vocabulary. Madame Laurent and her students have named him (or perhaps her!) Eugène.

Première étape de notre tour de France : le Sud-Ouest.

Géographie : Bordeaux, Biarritz, les Landes et la dune du Pilat.

Histoire : visite en 3D de la grotte de Lascaux !

Pour bien commencer la nouvelle année, nos élèves ont voyagé dans le sud de la France en partant à la découverte de différents lieux et monuments (Les arènes de Nîmes, Le pont du Gard, L'abbaye de Sénanque...).

Native Language classes

The EBI offers specific native language classes in Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Polish, Hungarian and Japanese. 

Please contact  the school if you are interested : 

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Tel : +33 4 73 98 09 73


Mardi 23 janvier 2019, Marko nous a fait une très belle présentation en roumain sur son pays. Ce fut un beau moment de partage et d'échanges entre nos élèves


Portuguese : Teresa Gouveia


Romanian : Simona Bay


Hungarian : Katalin Mizi


Italian : Federica Scalabrin


Polish : Sylwia Rokicka