Welcome to the Primary School

French School System

French SystemAmerican SystemBritish SystemAge
Cours Préparatoire (CP)1st GradeKS1 Year 26
Cours Élémentaire 1 (CE1)2nd GradeKS2 Year 37
Cours Élémentaire 2 (CE2)3rd GradeKS2 Year 48
Cours Moyen 1 (CM1)4th GradeKS2 Year 59
Cours Moyen 2 (CM2)5th GradeKS2 Year 610

In France, your child’s school year is determined by the calendar year of birth (1st January – 31st December). 


A teacher is responsible for his/her class and you can talk to him/her with complete trust. You should not hesitate to ask questions that seem important to you.

In the Primary school, your child will learn to read, to write and to count. He will study science, technology, history and geography. The pupils will do music, sport and will go to the swimming pool (8 weeks per year).

All these activities are important for his personal development. The common core brings together the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that are necessary for your child to succeed at school, in his personal life and in his future life as a citizen.