Communication with the EBI team in secondary

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Mrs Faidy

Mrs Anne Faidy is the EBI principal.

Her office is in the adminitrative Massillon hall (close to the entrance at 5, rue Bansac).

Tel number: 04 73 98 09 73



Valérie Paniagua

EBI Secondary Coordinator
French as Foreign Language Teacher in Middle & High School

Mrs Paniagua

Mrs Valérie Paniagua is the EBI secondary coordinator.

Her office is in the library in the EBI secondary school building.

Tel: 04 73 98 09 70 (ask for Mrs Paniagua in the EBI library)

You will always be welcome in her office if you have a question in English or in French.

Carnet de Liaison


At the beginning of the school year, students will receive a “carnet de liaison”.

Teachers will use this booklet to communicate with the families.

Open and direct communication is essential for the effective operation of a school.

In addition, it includes forms for lateness and absences which must be completed and signed by the parents.

École Directe

The website École Directe is essential for Massillon students. It gives information about life at school and allow parents and students to communicate with the teachers :

  • accounting: online payments (canteen and field trips)
  • mailbox: keeps you informed of school events

Parents will have an access code sent to them by mail.

École Directe

Meeting the teachers

Information meetings usually take place at the beginning of the academic year (in September or October).

Individual parent/teacher meetings are also organized : the first one will take place at the end of the first term or at the beginning of the second term.

If you wish, you may make an appointment with a teacher at any other time if you wish by contacting him/her through “Ecole Directe” or by using your child’s communication notebook (the « cahier de liaison »).