Grades and Exams in secondary


Students are evaluated through continuous assessments (class assignments, tests) and end of term examinations.

You will receive an EBI school report at the end of each term.



Students have the possibility to prepare and take the following exams :

- French national educational exams :  (DELF / DNB / Baccalauréat)

- Cambridge International IGCSE examinations :            (First language and second language English, French as a foreign language)

- American CollegeBoard examinations : (PSAT / SAT / AP)


Exam information  :

  • PSAT exam : takes place every year the 2nd Wednesday of October. It is the EBI school which takes care of the registration for the exam. An information sheet with a registration form is distributed to students and families during the 2nd week of September with the times and dates of the four PSAT preparation classes. 
  • SAT exam : Students and families must register online, directly with the CollegeBoard. Our school is a center for this exam once a year, in March. Other schools in France/ Europe offer the SAT at other dates. Check the SAT website for further information about these schools/ dates.
  • AP exam registration : Our AP exam coordinator orders the AP exams and organizes and administers AP exams during the first two weeks of May. The registration is completed in November by the school.
    Please be aware that these exams can take place during French National Holidays (May 1st & May 8th, etc.).