In case of lateness or absence


In case a student is late in the morning, he/she must go directly to the « vie scolaire » before going to class.

If the gate on Avenue de Grande-Bretagne is closed, they must use the entrance on rue Bansac.

Planned Absence

If it is possible to anticipate an absence, then please notify the school beforehand.

Please send an email to Mrs Valérie Paniagua (EBI coordinator) and the vie scolaire.


Please send an email to Mrs Valérie Paniagua, EBI coordinator, ( for any absence.

You can also reach Mrs Paniagua at this number : 04 73 98 09 73. 

A medical certificate is requested for a long absence.

The school should be notified after an absence by completing the absence slip in the Carnet de liaison.

Any unjustified absence or lateness will be sanctioned.