Mini Model Congress 2018

Mini-Model Congress is a student-run government simulation held at our school every June. We have 2 half-day preparation sessions followed by the actual day-long conference. This year, Mini-Model Congress was held on Thursday, June 14, 2018.This year, 105 students participated in Mini-Model Congress : Ebi students form 6th to 12th grades Massillon students from 4ème to 2nd OIB The conference …

Summer Fun for Primary Pupils

It was with joy that primary children marked the end of the school year with the traditional ‘kermesse’.  At last the moment had come to show family and friends their carefully choreographed class dances.  It was a time to have fun with friends in the sunshine and enjoy water fights and games.  After a splendid afternoon of fun, families and …

Enjoying a sushi workshop

Some EBI students had the chance to have a sushi lesson with our high school Maths teacher, Mrs Kim. They experienced the preparation, tasting and presentation of sushi and enjoyed it very much! Thank you Mrs Kim! 

Variety Show – Learn more about it!

TICK-TOCK !Saturday June 2nd – 18.00Sunday June 3rd – 17.00SPECTACLE CARITATIFSALLE DES FETESSTUDENTS : 3€ – ADULTS : 5€Vente des tickets dans le bureau de Mme Jourdet

Honouring the ‘Sammies’ who fought for our freedom

Children from Massillon Primary school, Anatole France and Baudelaire gathered together on May 28th, American Memorial Day, to remember the American military who lost their lives in the Auvergne during World War One. Accompanied by choirmaster, Dominique Daron and a brass band from the 92nd Regiment, children sang 4 songs at the American war monument on Avenue de l’Agriculture. After …

We are in the headlines!

Un article consacré à L’Ecole Bilingue Internationale est paru hier dans le journal La Montagne. Read the article

Geography fieldtrip – March 2018

The 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th graders spent the morning visiting the water supply plant “L’usine d’eau potable du Val d’Allier” in Cournon. We learnt about the process which two-thirds of Clermont-Ferrand’s agglomeration’s water follows from its extraction in wells along the banks of the Allier River, fitration in the plant, storage in reservoirs to the tap.Fieldword is an essential …