About EBI

The EBI was created in 1996 in order to meet the needs of the expatriate community of the Michelin Group in Clermont-Ferrand. Since that time, it has always been a part of the Massillon School through its partnership agreement.

Over the years, Clermont-Ferrand and its surroundings have developed a more international openness. Thanks to the support of the Michelin Corporate Foundation, we now welcome a larger and more diverse community within the school.

With over 25 years experience, EBI allows children of international families or French families coming back from an expatriation to maintain and develop their English and French language skills.

EBI is integrated into Ensemble Scolaire Massillon, a private Catholic Primary, Middle and High School accredited by the French Ministry of Education with a total of nearly 1,500 students with over 30 nationalities represented.


Our values

We work with and for pupils who are part of the bilingual program in the school.

The members of the teaching team design programs and teaching materials which combine high standards with a differentiated approach.

We aim for excellence whilst being mindful of the needs of each child and teenager.

We aspire to create an environment that supports children in their lifelong journey of self-development, discovery and growth.

The whole of the EBI team is available to answer your questions and to welcome your family in the best possible way


Welcome to EBI (Ecole Bilingue Internationale) in Clermont-Ferrand!

Perhaps France and Clermont-Ferrand are completely new to you and you are busy unpacking boxes and settling in.
In this context, we sincerely hope you will enjoy your time here. You can be reassured that your children will feel safe and happy at our school, whilst they develop their skills and knowledge.

We seek to create a broad range of opportunities for our children, whatever their background and to help them integrate and interact with each other. We believe in a harmonious multinational, multiethnic community able to live and learn together.

Our aim is to support all new families as they arrive throughout the year: our teachers are available to discuss with you about your child and we are pleased to have the support of a strong body of parents to help whenever necessary.
We are proud of our diversity, with more than 30 nationalities and many languages represented.

Our school is a small school providing high quality international education for the increasing international community in and around Clermont-Ferrand. We are proud of being able to offer that personal touch: a welcoming friendliness that a small school can offer.

We also enjoy being part of the Massillon school and being involved in all cultural and social events it offers.

On behalf of the whole EBI staff I welcome you to our school and look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Mrs. Anne Faidy